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Ian Luxton is a qualified and registered Osteopath. He practices from his home clinic in Middleton, Ludlow amongst the beautiful Shropshire landscape.

Ian began his health care career over twenty years ago and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of Osteopathy and Sports Injuries. His patients range from business and trades people to sports men and women, farmers, gardeners and musicians.

"One of my main objectives is to free people from pain and discomfort, to improve their mobility and enhance quality of life."

Which practitioner? Which discipline?

There are many individual styles of working within a discipline such as osteopathy , chiropractic, or physiotherapy. Hence the types of osteopath, chiropractor or physio', can vary significantly more than the fundamental operational differences between the disciplines.

Ian has been described as: gentle, careful, understanding, empathetic, knowledgeable, experienced, and most of all...effective. He manipulates only when necessary with minimum effort and maximum finesse.

some of the conditions we treat include:

Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Frozen Shoulder
Elbow and wrist pain
Back pain

Muscle pain
Muscle and ligament strain

Hip and Knee pain
Trapped Nerves
Arthritis pain
Carpal Tunnel


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