welcome to hollyoak health OSTEOPATHY

Ian Luxton is a qualified and highly skilled, registered Osteopath. He practices from his home in Middleton, Ludlow, amongst the beautiful Shropshire landscape.

After 25 years working in Osteopathy, Ian has treated business people and office workers; manual labourers and tradespeople; sportsmen and women; farmers, gardeners and even musicians. He has gained a wealth of practical experience in all aspects of Osteopathy and Sports Injuries.

"One of my main objectives is to free people from pain and discomfort, to improve their mobility and enhance quality of life."


Osteopathy is a safe, non-invasive and comfortable system of therapy that uses light, hands-on therapeutic techniques to restore balance and structural integrity to the body. Patients benefit from an increased range of movement and flexibility and find relief from muscle pain and tension.

By reducing the effects of wear, tear and stress, Osteopathy can treat a broad range of disorders and is a natural alternative to drug therapies.

some of the conditions we treat include:

Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Frozen Shoulder
Elbow and wrist pain
Back pain

Muscle pain
Muscle and ligament strain

Hip and Knee pain
Trapped Nerves
Arthritis pain
Carpal Tunnel

This list is by no means exhaustive. Patients can find that niggling symptoms apparently unrelated to their main complaint(s) also disappear with Ian’s treatment.