Ian Luxton

Ian’s 25 years in treating pain and injury have their foundation in his personal life history.

In his earlier days he was active on rugby pitches and athletics tracks, and the toll they took on his own body led him to qualify in Sports Therapy and Remedial Massage.

His involvement in business and commerce gave him insight in to the effects of badly designed work stations, poor posture, long periods driving, and the consequences of prolonged stress on people in all jobs and at all levels. He studied Osteopathy to expand his knowledge, skills and focus.

“It’s important to me that people understand they are  a unique individual. They may be the same height, weight and age as the person sitting next to them but they do not share the same history …and that makes them unique.”

Ian understands that when a body is pushed to its limits it can break down, resulting in disorders and distress. His professional expertise enables him to locate the source of a patient’s problem, then choose from a range of manual therapeutic techniques to help alleviate it.

Ian has been described as gentle, careful, understanding, caring and empathic, knowledgeable and….crucially….effective. He manipulates only when necessary, with minimum effort and maximum finesse.