Frozen Shoulder

If you are experiencing shoulder pain it could be that you are developing  Frozen Shoulder. This painful condition presents as a severe aching in the shoulder and upper arm, with limitation of ALL shoulder movements. In extreme cases there is complete rigidity of the joint and there will often be a history of gradual or spontaneous onset.  Pain is usually worse at night and the restriction of movement can interfere with everyday tasks such as dressing or driving, meaning that this condition can often have repercussions for our everyday life.

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Headaches and Neck Pain

The term “Cervicogenic” comes from the fact that the pain experienced is due to a problem in the cervical portion of the spine (the neck). Cervicogenic headaches are caused by irritation of joints and muscles in the neck. When neck muscles spasm they can put pressure on nerves that travel to the head and radiate pain into the scalp. Joints in the top of the neck also share a nerve supply with the scalp and can cause pain referral. A whiplash injury is a common cause of this type of headache.

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