Osteopathy acknowledges the link between the structure of the human body and the way it functions. Osteopaths are primary healthcare professionals that focus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical and structural problems of the body.

At his Osteopathy clinic near Ludlow, Ian Luxton says there is always something that can be done:-

Many people have come to see me over the years with unexplained and undiagnosed aches and pains. These have been the cause of long term fatigue, sleepless nights, headaches, restricted movement, pins and needles, sharp stabbing pain and a whole host of unwanted, irritating symptoms of which only some can be partially relived by taking pills. On one occasion it took less than five minutes to relive an 80 year old man of severe sciatica which had plagued him for over ten years.

Osteopathic treatment usually consists of a combination of soft-tissue releasing techniques, stretching and some specific adjustments affecting joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Advice may also be given on diet, exercise and self-help treatments.

By helping to improve strength and mobility, we can help to prevent a recurrence of the presenting problem.

Recent testimonials

A big thank you for the treatment on my back. I am pain free for the first time in several years and I am truly grateful.

- Debbie

One of the most satisfying things I have done in my ageing years has been to consult you as a consequence of an almost daily routine of lower back pain. After a session of regular treatments I am happy to say that I am clear of pain and immobility, totally due to your expertise.

- Robert


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Telephone: 01584 823331

Holly Oak
Roundthorn, Middleton
Ludlow, Shropshire